The Energy Performance Certificate

What is the EPC process

Only authorised DEA's (Domestic Energy Assessors) are able to issue the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to you. There is a shortage of inspectors and we are therefore pleased at EPC 4 Manchester to be able to offer all services in-house quickly and efficiently.  All our Assesors are accredited with ECMK and are CRB checked.

What is inspected by the DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor)?

The DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will look at the property from different angles from the outside. He will be able to assess the construction and estimate the approximate year of build. This is important as it will affect the SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating, the SAP rating is the standard measured rating utilised in all EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates).

The DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will take various photographs of the outside structure and confirm whether the property is Attached, Detached, a Bungalow etc. He will make a note of the external conditions and note the wall structure and whether or not the wall is solid cavity etc

The DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will then take measurements either internally or externally of the property. This is important to determine the exact area of the property and also which of the walls are "heat losing walls". For example, in a terraced property, the only heat losing walls if it is a mid-terrace are the front and back. In a detached property, all walls will be heat losing as the property is not attached on any side.

Each room is measured for height, width and length and these items are processed through the SAP computer programme.

The DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will assess the services within the property looking at the heating systems and what fuel is used. Further assessment will be made in relation to whether the property has an immersion heater or any secondary form of heating. Boiler efficiency is calculated utilising a standard Government approved programme and the DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will assess the amount of windows Double Glazed or otherwise within the property. The DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will also assess the energy saving aspects of the property including low energy light bulbs, radiator thermostats and automatic programmable heating.

The DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will go into the Loft of the property and assess the insulation if any within the roof space.

The DEA will assess whether the property has a conservatory or any extensions as these are important to outline the correct input into the computer programme. Further, if there has been a loft extension and there are rooms in the roof the DEA will assess these also. The same applies to cellers.

Terms of Appointment (Residential Property)

The terms and engagement set out what we will do for you and extent our duties. The conditions of engagement are governed by this letter which you must sign and return to us prior to the Domestic Energy Assessor attending your premises.

Conditions of Engagement

1. The DEA will advise you in writing as to the performance rated in terms of the Efficient Energy Efficiency and the Environmental impact rating based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.
2. The purpose for which the performance client certificate is required shall be as agreed between you and the DEA.
3. The DEA will carry out such inspections and investigations as are appropriate and possible in the particular circumstances, within the guidelines of the professional judgement of the assigned Domestic Energy Assessor.
4. The DEA will rely upon all information given by you, your legal or other professional advisors in relation to the tenure, tenancies, modifications, extensions, and any constraints that may affect potential for improving the energy performance of the property.
5. The DEA will have regard to the state of repair and condition of the property due to Health and Safety issues and considerations relevant to the energy performance of the property. For example it may be potentially unsafe for the DEA to access the roof space or there may be presence of asbestos cladding or other material dangerous within the premises. The DEA shall be under no duty to inspect those parts of the property which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible. The DEA will have no duty to arrange the testing of any electrical or heating appliances or any other services connected to the property.
6. In making the assessment, the DEA shall be under no duty to verify an energy performance certificate issued and the following assumptions will be made:-
    a. The energy efficiency rating of your property
    b. The environmental impact of your property on the environment.
    c. Typical fuel costs and the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of this property.
    d. A summary of the property’s energy performance related features with measures to improve the energy rating.
7. You will discharge the agreed fee to EPC 4 Manchester
8. The DEA reserves the right to charge an additional amount, should more than one visit be required due to your actions i.e. not allowing the DEA access to the property at the specified and designated time.
9. You should return your terms and conditions within 7 days of the completiton date. If they are not returned in this time, we will assume that you have agreed to the 8 paragraphs above.

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