Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still need an EPC after the suspension of HIPs?

Yes. Sellers will need to have or to have commissioned but not necessarily received an Energy Performance Certificate before marketing can start.

Whose duty is it to provide the EPC?

It is the duty of the Seller to provide the EPC

When does the EPC have to be provided?

An EPC has to be available or have been organised before a property can be marketed for sale. It should be provided to potential buyers at the earliest opportunity and before entering into a contract to sell the property.

What is the penalty for not providing an EPC - who will enforce it?

There is a fixed penalty of £200. Enforcement of these requirements is the responsibility of Trading Standards Officers. There are also penalties for not complying with the duty to commission an EPC before putting the property on the market.

How long is an EPC vaild for?

All EPCs for all buildings are valid for 10 years from the date that they are prepared.


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